We live in a world that is becoming increasingly connected. The Internet has changed commerce as we have known it, giving consumers more options than ever before. That’s the good news. The bad news is e-commerce coupled with “big box” corporate retailers is having a detrimental effect on small businesses.   If our economy is going to flourish and function at its highest capacity, small businesses and entrepreneurs must succeed. FlexKom’s mission is to create an environment where everyone can thrive. The benefit of FlexKom’s unique business model rewards the small business owner, the consumer, and entrepreneur. Through FlexKom’s new and innovative mobile-commerce platform small businesses connect with a local, regional and global customer base.   Small Businesses Struggle to Compete There are many reasons why the small business is it becoming an endangered species. Government regulations, higher taxes, and of course the seemingly never-ending global recession are all contributing factors. Mobile Commerce FlexKom international, a German-based technology company has just the answer. Their mobile commerce platform provides three distinct benefits:
Earnings Disclaimer:
  We make every reasonable effort to ensure that we accurately represent our program and its potential for income. However, we can make no guarantee that you will earn any level of income and, by agreeing to use our program, products and services, you accept the risk that earnings and income will vary by individual and cannot be guaranteed in any respect. Like any business venture, the actual results you experience will depend on a number of factors over which we have no control, including your individual abilities, effort, expertise, opportunities and unique circumstances. You agree that we are not responsible for your failure or success, and that prior or past financial success by yourself or others is not a reliable indication of your future success or income earnings.
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Continued... 1. Better Communication- Real-time connection with current customer base 2. Unique Loyalty Program- Customers feel appreciated for their patronage 3. Increase Customer Acquisition- Access to the global FlexKom customer base

ABOUT FlexKom 

Awarded for "The most innovative and fastest growing Company 2012"   Innovator of FlexCommerce   Own international research and development team   Independent structure without investors and banks   More than 60.000 business partners within 14 countries and growing   Patented M-Commerce functionable POS System   Unique Customer Building System   Area Protection & National Stake
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